Becoming an MVP

I am extremely excited this month I was awarded the  Microsoft Data Platform MVP.

So besides getting lots of Microsoft shirts, stickers and a cool glass art- work,

The #reward and the #award

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I have also made new friends, participated in community meetings and learned how important it is to share with the community my expertise, time and efforts.

This week, we had a meeting of MVP’s in the Vancouver area, organized by Simran Chaudhry, our Microsoft manager, and it was great to meet there people that are MVP’s for 7 and even 15 years. So what do we talk about in those meetings? Mostly about fun stuff, we get to know each other, our goals and personal things, it is a community of friends after all that work together. We also talk about new initiatives and hope to be working together.

My mailbox is filled with questions and answers by very talented and friendly people who can answer and improve just about anything. I am still pretty new to this and off course not yet contributing much in the MVP community but I have set myself a personal goal to be able to help and ask or answer a number of questions. I hope to meke it there with some hard work and fun spirit.

Meanwhile I am part of the organization team for Vancouver’s SQL Saturday, August 28th, and I would love to see everyone there.


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