Creating a Product using PowerBI?

In order to showcase ability using PowerBI dashboards, I was looking for ideas of what exactly can be done and displayed as a project. Thinking about the Dashboard as a product is also a topic widely discussed on Quora, Twitter and and other social media boards.

When looking for ideas that might appeal to businesses, I think showing your capabilities might be a great first step. The business need will emerge during the conversation and understanding the process. There are few solutions that were created by Microsoft that might give the initial ideas for dashboards you might build as products:

Departments | Microsoft Power BI

Other than that, I think about the customers needs, if it is a specific industry, such as healthcare, think about what they would like to know, which questions they would ask and where is this data located. Use one of the many free public data repositories to showcase and build the dashboards.

If you are into showing your capabilities there are some ideas I might be helpful with

I have build my resume (Yana Berkovich Product Manager) using powerBI and have a lecture of how it was done (

 Many customers will appreciate dashboards with live data relevant to their business.

The dashboard Link

The “holy grail” of this specific search for product based on PowerBI, is the live data. There are many free data sets that can be used for a dashboard that is no live. In the powerBI community there is a link for data sets of this sort.¬†my-favorite-public-data-sources

There are also not live connections that can be used – for example, you can download all your tweets data as an Excel file, it is available from Twitter, for 90 days, and use it for any data queries and visualizations as a static data source. You can connect to the Twitter live feed using API or other synchronization option.

Live data sets are more scarce and tend to be associated with cost. So when I had the brilliant idea of connecting the NHL or NFL results and data about players, it appeared to be blocked and the membership fees for a direct API access were pretty hefty. The traffic volume is simply going to be too high for them to maintain I suppose. This also means that the demand for data analytics and data visualization solutions in those areas is pretty high as well (there are several movies about that part…)

What are we left with?

Dashboard templates – If you already have a specific data set, for example lab tests, you can create a dashboard that has in mind not only the specific client but general for the industry. In my examples I use a data set for engine oil tests. When creating the dashboard for roughly 700 sample tests, I am thinking about other companies that can reuse the solution to visualize their data, by merely connecting their data set. The problem is off course the different fields and definitions. Changing the query might prove to be more difficult than adding the visualizations from scratch.

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