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This was the picture I have seen today, I knew that Apps are part of PowerBI, I thought I was ready and knew everything about it but seeing it this morning in feed when opening PowerBI made it official.  Isn’t it exciting?

So I thought it must be something connecting PowerApps and PowerBI but apparently it is a confusing term. From this link we can connect to other applications in our organization (86 options for the PowerBI related apps).

This is also not the connection to PowerApps, this is done through Flow and Microsoft has 121 pages document describing the how. () You can also visit our SharePoint user group or PowerBI user group in Vancouver we talk about this connection in many of the sessions.

There is an Application insights option to be used as part of this platform any application your organization has already got, similar to the get data menu options; but how can I create and app?

I have recently created a report and a dashboard that has the result of the BC elections.

After publishing the report and the data set to PowerBI, I have created a Dashboard based on the report and created an App.

The result is a Shipping App that is part of the Shipping Group.

The Apps is currently a Read only replacement of the former content packs. For now, I cannot move the app or share it with another group, I cannot do much or customize the already created visualizations. This will probably change very soon.

What I can do?

  1. I can see all the artifacts in the App:
    1. the Dashboard,
    2. the Report
    3. the Data Set
  2. I can filter and drill down data in the dashboard
  3. I can filter the data in the report and choose the displayed fields from the existing once.

What is the Business need?

If I have users that I want them to access only this and not play too much with the visualizations or the data.

  Here is the report view with the filters.

On the top (the red ribbon color is customization I can see the number of dashboards, reports and data sets that are part of the app.)

The right navigation is for the filtering option

The canvas is static and you cannot edit the existing report (Permanent or temporary?)

The report can be embedded in SharePoint group same as any other report, I assume that the apps will be visible in the SP gallery soon, I will keep posted if the apps are going to be available by group or cross organization. I would also add an option to publish in the App Catalog, that would have given me the option to link it here. Very excited to see what’s next and write about it here.





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