PowerBI Premium & Report Server announcement part 1

So Microsoft have announced something extremely significant for me this week…they are launching soon the powerBI premium with the reporting services for the On Premise solution (something many clients that are not so happy with the idea of moving to the cloud were really waiting for and I have written about it here: Link to On Premise PowerBI Architecture).

The exciting announcement of the Report Server was made in the technet blogs site.

The white paper following the Report Server announcement can be found here to download

The White Paper that was introduced yesterday, is revealing a bit more about the Reporting server and the future directions for the on premise version of PowerBI. I have discussed the on premise PowerBI option in my post about a month ago and came to the conclusion that it might be too soon. So…Are we there yet? I mean after publishing and including all the planned features that are part of the release?

“The new Report server will trace the roots into the existing SQL server reporting services.” (according to the White Paper referenced above). The creation of the reports is done through the PowerBI desktop, but what about the delivery?

  1. PowerBI mobile App
  2. Mobile Browser (meaning uploading the reports to the cloud the dedicated to the organization through Premium or mutual one)
  3. Embed into an application (meaning uploading to the cloud, grab the API and embed it in the application or use the SharePoint web part)

Unfortunately for some of us, there are clients who still think, even after the dedicated hardware solution, that the cloud is not an option. Therefore even after the new features and the exciting solution are implemented, there are still some clients who are going to stay out of the game.

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