PowerBI Premium the big news 2nd part

In this part I will focus more on the online version and the big news that are going to happen.

Let’s first of all review the things according to the features that are going to be available at launch vs the once we will need to be waiting for (just 1 table instead of 15 pages…)

Feature Description Available at launch?
Workload & Query capacity isolates Your hardware, the performance is up to your resources only not shared Yes
Huge data-set storage 100TB, data set no longer limited to a 1GB Yes
No User Quotas From 10GB in pro tenant to 100TB in Premium for each capacity Yes
Data-set Refresh rates From 8 per day in pro to 48 per day in Premium. Yes
Schedule limit From hourly refresh interval to minute based Yes
Large DataSets cash From 1GB to 50 GB limit in P3 (The 32 v-Cores) No – gradually
Incremental refresh (my personal fav) Incremental update No
Refresh Policy With incremental update a policy can be defined No
Pining Data-sets to Memory PowerBI dynamically manages the memory, large or less active data sets will go into the back-end nodes, pinning the important data-sets so they still are a priority No
Data Refresh Nodes Dedicate nodes to separate interactive queries and refresh to optimize performance No
Large distribution – Read only replica Create read only replica to publish, maintain better performance for other reports No
Geographic distribution Geo Replicas to prevent performance issues (*) No

* The coolest sentence in the whitepaper, PowerBI also has something to do with the speed of light! It limits the performance when sending the data far away.
The biggest news – Dedicated Capacity! you don’t need to share anymore!!! What does it mean?

Well this is my sketch of how I understand this all dedicated solution with PowerBI premium is going to be based entirely on the White Paper mentioned:

The pro version will still be out there, so individual users who are already paying and deploying and also small organizations, who need not more than 8 syncs a day, 1GB of online upload and share can still stay on the same subscription.

This will all change, evolve and develop in the near and far future, for now it is my intake on the important part’s of the PowerBI Premium news latest and greatest.

Don’t forget to watch Guy in the Cube to understand how your Apps are going to be affected:

LINK guy in a Cube


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