SharePoint Saturday Vancouver

This was a very exciting event for me as a proud member of the VanSPUG board – the local SharePoint user group and personally as a SharePoint enthusiast.

The preparations and organization went well, we had many sessions with leading SharePoint, BI, Dev and user adoption experts.

We also had an announcement that was made by Charles Sterling (Chass) from Microsoft regarding a new connectivity between Power Apps and PowerBI, demonstrated the first time during his session. I had the privilege to be his “data monkey” and help with all the data entries. A useful trick that he is always preaching for, add a person who is going to help you presenting and will enter all the code lines, url’s and maybe even move the slides forward. You can even pick a person from the audience, and worse case scenario, just ask him or her to step back. During this presentation we have also learned that it is better having all your designing with PowerApps done in the desktop editor rather than the online tool… ohh well.

The event was a great success, you can see the pictures in our Facebook page:

VanSPUG Facebook 

My tips for organizing an event like this and sharing my expirience in VanSpug:

  1. Select the winning team! I am part of the best board I have ever had the chance to work with and it shows in the growth of our community, the cooperation, supporting each others decisions and commitments
  2. Plan – We have used the tools such as planner to complete the planning. We came up with a checklist of tasks, assigned and delivered. In a workplace it is a common sense, but in a volunteer organization it is not that obvious.
  3. Communicate- we have tried the teams communicator and Skype chat. Eventually settled on the Office 365 Outlook. The emails are short and we are all attentive to the requests.

Small but significant- looking at other SharePoint Saturday and SQL Saturday events, the small stuff were the once that made the difference. Clear navigation option, understanding where the rooms are located and having all the lectures printed near the room’s door really helped the audience to get to the right place in the right time. Just like navigation is an important part of your SharePoint portal, it should also be a priority in the venue.

I had also the privilege to participate in the event and give my presentation regarding Product Management using all the Office 365 tools. I must say that groups, planner and off course SharePoint and PowerBI were my leading recommendations. I will explain in details in another post.

 Link to the YouTube Video

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