Mail-chimp Data visualization

An Example of how to connect and use PowerBI to connect to MailChimp data and build a data visualization.

Go to the website: Interactive Data Visualization BI Tools

Sign up for free power BI and you will get your free power BI app. You can download for free to your desktop as well. On the left side of the screen choose the yellow Get Data option

Now in the menu choose: services

Scroll down till you see the Mail Chimp

Now click the GET button on the left side

A screen with an authentication method will appear.

Click on next enter your mail chimp user and password.

I have used the same email address for the Power BI Office 365 and Mail Chimp accounts – it might be useful for future authentications (different passwords!)

Now it will take a minute or a little longer and you will get a new menu item on the left side of your power BI app. Now you can see how you campaign is doing: (mine is empty, I haven’t had a campaign yet)

You can play with the data, create new reports and visualizations. When you are ready, you can save the report, generate a URL and embed it in your site or send the link to your friends. This is where the payment after the trial will come to play, the collaboration and storage part. If you just to need to follow the data and see how your campaign is doing the free version will suffice. Have fun and let me know if you need help.

(Also published via Quora)