Measure the innovation – KPI for Product Initiation

In my presentation about Product Management using Office 365, I am using PowerBI and the connection to flow to track the performance of the Product team during the “Ideation” phase.

The core of this solution is a basic SharePoint list, where the product team can track it’s ideas and vote on them. While those ideas are gathered in order to be implemented in the product later on. Meanwhile the feature or enhancement can be considered to be part of the product scope. The list is very simple by design:

The list is in the Product Group and on the top, you can see all the participants of this group.

I have connected this list to the Product group section in PowerBI, to get the KPI report in there.


The ideation process can be problematic to measure and there might be irrelevant ideas that got voted out. If a company would like to reward it’s employees based on the new ideas they bring to the table this might be a quick measure for creativity if implemented as part of the Product team site.

Connection PowerBI to the SharePoint list gives a quick view that can be embedded both in the product team site as a PowerBI Web Part and added to the company management dashboard elsewhere as an external report outside of the group permissions.